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Levi Bohnik

Levi Bohnik was a dedicated and courageous soldier whose life was tragically cut short during a confrontation with terrorists. He served in the 101st Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade and hailed from the small community of Pduyim. At 20 years old, Levi had already earned a reputation for his unwavering commitment to his team and his homeland.

In the midst of the brutal fighting during the October 7th Massacre, he fought valiantly to defend Kibbutz Kissufim. Despite his youth, Levi’s dedication to service and his comrades was evident. His mother, Miri, recalled how much he valued camaraderie, generosity, and love for his country. Before his death, he wrote in a letter, “There is no life without death.”

Levi’s loss was deeply felt not only by his family and the Pduyim community but also across the entire region.
He was the first to be laid to rest in the new military section of the cemetery in Pduyim.
His sister expressed pride in his unwavering dedication, saying, “He was a fighter and remained a fighter.”

Levi Bohnik’s memory will endure as a testament to his spirit and sacrifice. He stood for the values of duty, friendship, and love for his nation, and his bravery and generosity will be remembered by all who knew him. May his memory be a blessing.

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07 October 2023

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Paratroopers Brigade

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